Sagewood Cinema Ventures LLC is a media consulting service specializing in the distribution, exhibition and marketing of independent films. Doug Freed, founder of Sagewood Cinema Ventures LLC, has been involved in the marketing, distribution and exhibition of specialized films for over 20 years. Doug was Director of Advertising for Fox Searchlight Pictures where he oversaw the advertising for that company’s first hit, The Brother’s McMullen. Later, he served as Vice-President and Co-Head Film Buyer at Landmark Theatres, the nation’s largest specialized film exhibitor. More recently, Doug worked as a consultant with Laemmle Theatres. Doug currently buys film for 138 screens in 21 locations.  His booking clients include the Southern California-based Regency Theatres, The Camelot Theatres in Palm Springs, and The Avalon Theatre on Catalina Island. Doug is also acting as a freelance distribution consultant. Doug distributed the critically-acclaimed and IFP Spirit Award-nominated Dahmer and handled film sales on the Sundance Award-winner Down to the Bone.